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Different types of allergies and how to deal with them

Allergies are caused when the immune system of the body reacts to a certain substance as though it is harmful hence producing allergic reactions. The common allergic reactions include wheezing, runny nose, skin rashes, hives and tongue swelling among others. People with asthma attack suffer the allergic reaction of foreign bodies.There are various types of allergies; some are seasonal while others occur the whole of one’s lifetime. People with allergies need extra care when exposed to the allergens. The following are the different types of allergies and how to deal with them.

Different types of allergies

Drug allergy

Drug allergies are caused by the body’s reaction to some chemical components of a certain drug. Most drug reactions are not severe since they are just side effects of the drugs. To come up with a diagnosis, the doctor will need to base it on the history and symptoms of the patient.


Food allergy

This occurs when the body treats a certain food substance as harmful hence produces an allergic reaction. Food allergy is of two types; immunoglobulin E mediated and non-immunoglobulin mediated. The immunoglobulin E mediated food allergy is for foods like milk, eggs, peanut, soy, wheat, and fish which make the immune system to produce immunoglobulin E antibodies.

The non-immunoglobulin E mediated allergy involves the other parts of the immune system. Food allergy should not be confused with food intolerance. Food intolerance does not involve the immune system.

Insect allergy

Common insects which cause allergies are bees, wasps, fire ants and other stinging insects. There are also some insects which do not sting yet cause allergic reactions. They include dust mites and cockroaches.


Pet allergy

Most people would love to keep pets, but the allergies caused by these pets deter them from doing so. Mostly, pet animals with fur are the ones which cause such allergies. This includes cats and dogs.

Pollen allergies

Pollen is among the most common triggers of many allergies. It is also known as hay fever. The body reacts to the various pollens for different plants which are found in the air and cause serious reactions when inhaled.

Dealing with allergies

The best way of dealing with allergies is by avoiding exposure to the allergens. This will save one the agony of dealing with it. There are various medicines one can take though it mostly depends on the type of allergy. The types of medicines include;


This type of medicines blocks production of histamine which triggers the allergic swellings. They help to calm sneezing, runny nose and hives. Antihistamines are available in pills, syrups, and sprays. They help deal with seasonal allergies like hay fever.



This help to reduce nose stuffiness by shrinking the swollen nose membranes


This type of medicine comes in a premeasured device for self-injection. It is most important to give to a person when there is a life-threatening anaphylaxis. This drug must be injected on the onset of the allergic reaction for it to be effective. It is mainly for food, insect, latex and drug allergies.